Leading the Charge

TurdalsWith all of our County council’s flip-flopping, poor decisions, reversed decisions, hand-wringing and hand-throwing-up-in-the-airing going on over the past couple years in regards to industrial wind turbines, I have no idea where they stand either as a group or individually. It seems that whenever anyone does make a stand, it doesn’t last very long. Who can point me in the direction of a decision by our council, or a firm non-retractable statement one way or another?

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, March 19, 2014.

Blanding’s Memorial

Blanding's Turtle MemorialAlthough they may appeal the appeal, the Prince Edward Field Naturalists have lost their recent court battle to keep industrial wind turbines out of South Marysburgh. This ruling may open the floodgates to hundreds of turbines along the southern shore of the county and the eastern end of Lake Ontario. An initial ruling had stopped plans for turbines in the endangered blanding’s turtles’ turf.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, February 26, 2014.

South Bay Bear

South Bay BearOk, so there has only ever been sightings of one bear in South Bay, at least, only one bear at a time, and I don’t know whether it’s an adult or much younger. But, to be honest, bears also don’t talk, and they certainly don’t wear bells or have any concept of wind power or wind developers, so I’m taking a few liberties. But seriously, if you live in South Bay and you are out for a walk, wear a bell. It may not scare off bears or wind developers, but it will definitely let your neighbours know that the ‘crazy guy wearing the bells’ is coming.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, May 8, 2013.

Voice of the People

ProctorThere has been some debate as to the merits of the vote held in South Marysburgh last year, which showed 90% of ballots count for the ‘no turbines’ camp. Detractors point to the fact that there was only a 62% turnout, and there was no undecided option. Still, 90% of 62% of people who actually got off their butts to have a say, said no. Our local councillor, Barb Proctor, who initially wrote a letter to the Minister of Energy and the Minister of the Environment to support this 90%, now seems to be backing away from the people who elected her by recently voting against a motion to declare the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward is not a ‘willing host’ for IWT’s.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, May 1, 2013.