August 2015

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These cartoons were originally published in The Wellington Times, throughout August, 2015.

Bath Water

Bath WaterNormally I would try to avoid this kind of cliché, but Council itself has become a tired trend. They continually commission studies, consult experts, poll residents, spending countless hours and dollars to get top notch information on a particular subject, and then in the end, throw it all away and decide to do nothing. More time is needed, more options desired, all the while they burn through cash as if it was simply growing in the dried up fields around them.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, April 16, 2014.

Council Rollercoaster

Council RollercoasterI spend a fair amount of time criticizing our local council. Not that they don’t deserve criticism, but it should also be noted they have a tough job, and it is doubtful that they will please everyone with the decisions they make. As I see friends and acquaintances sending in papers to run for council in the upcoming election this fall. I wish them the best of luck, and I’ll see them in the funny papers.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, April 2, 2014.

Leading the Charge

TurdalsWith all of our County council’s flip-flopping, poor decisions, reversed decisions, hand-wringing and hand-throwing-up-in-the-airing going on over the past couple years in regards to industrial wind turbines, I have no idea where they stand either as a group or individually. It seems that whenever anyone does make a stand, it doesn’t last very long. Who can point me in the direction of a decision by our council, or a firm non-retractable statement one way or another?

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, March 19, 2014.

Whine Industry

Whine IndustryAlthough it isn’t perfect, the Prince Edward County wine industry is something to be proud of. Yes, many of the jobs that come from wineries are seasonal, and there’s the argument that this kind of industry can make it difficult for people here to buy their first home due to rising property values. I’m not sure though what industry that gives people jobs, brings in tourists and ups the overall economy wouldn’t also raise housing costs. In the end I can’t quite figure out why our council and development office turn their noses up when it comes to wine. Sour grapes maybe? Read more here.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, March 5, 2014.

Council Prepares to Vote

Council DebatesI owned a couple of goats for a few years. They were fun at first, but eventually they became more of a nuisance than anything else. Watching them spar was always interesting though. They lock eyes, rear up high, and then come down hard, smashing their heads together. I’ve never seen one get the better of the other really, they just keep banging away, stalemate after stalemate.

On October 9th, Prince Edward County Council vote on whether or not to reduce their size from 15 to 10, and how to redraw the electoral boundaries of the County. Currently they have locked eyes, and are slowly rising to their feet…

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, October 2, 2013.

Council Mulls Over Reducing Size

Council SizeOk, so I’m being a little cynical here. It is quite possible that the Prince Edward County Council will decide to follow the Citizens’ Assembly recommendation and trim their numbers down from 15 members to 10. (plus the Mayor, who would henceforth be known as “The Tiebreaker”.) Let’s say they say they say, “yes”. What then? How will they make it happen? Will they function more cohesively?  Will Wards change, and would it really matter if they did? Far more questions here than answers I’m afraid.

Oh, and the little side note here, *definitely not a councillor featured in a previous cartoon! – is just a nod to a certain councillor that stopped in to introduce herself to me. She seemed nice so I decided to leave her out of this week’s cartoon. Everybody gets one!

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, September 18, 2013.