July 2015

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These cartoons were originally published in The Wellington Times, throughout July, 2015.

Missing and Murdered

Missing and MurderedIt’s easy to dismiss the problems down south as being an American issue. We have much more work to do up here too.

Also still not sure why we’re not doing anything about missing and murdered indigenous women. I’ve heard many reasons for simply trying to move forward but don’t really buy any of them.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, December 17, 2014.

Climate Denier

Climate DenierHere in Canada we pretty much have the worst record in the western world when it comes to climate change policy. Why is that? Because it’s just not on the radar of the PMO. Is this the PMO’s fault? By golly no! Climate change must simply work harder to catch Mr. Harper’s gaze. Hop to it climate change!

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, November 19, 2014.

Murdered and Missing

Harper's BrainThe number of missing women in this country, indigenous and otherwise, and the seeming lack of care by our current government is a national embarrassment. I understand the need to focus on the women we have left, and to protect them as best as possible, but I see no reason why additional money can’t be spent on answering a few questions, like who may be responsible, and for the love of God, why?

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, March 12, 2014.

Git Governing!

GovernanceThere are plenty of political watchers, reporters and pundits bursting with excitement over the Senate scandal unfolding in Ottawa, and yes, this is big news, but is any actual work getting done up there? Certainly the situation needs to be resolved, and steps need to be taken so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. In the meantime though, is it out of the question for our government to do some actual governing instead of this water-cooler gossipy he-said-she-said finger pointing?
I guess you have to take a bit of time every now and then and clean your office and throw out the trash, but I find the whole thing seriously frustrating.

This cartoon was originally published in The Wellington Times, October 23, 2013.